Dual Display Kit for Heckler AV Wall

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Komfortable Videokonferenzen erfordern große Displays. Und Dual-Displays helfen dabei, einen dedizierten Bildschirm für freigegebene Inhalte bereitzustellen. Aber die Doppelmontage großer Displays kann alle möglichen Herausforderungen mit sich bringen. Unsere Dual-Display-Kits machen es einfach, Dual-Displays mit dem Boden und nicht mit der Wand zu unterstützen.

Unser standardmäßiges Dual-Display-Kit unterstützt Dual 65- und Dual 75-Zoll-Displays. Dual Display Kit XL unterstützt Dual-Displays von 82 bis 100 Zoll!

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Hersteller Nummer

  • H802-BG (Regular)
  • H803-BG (XL)


Im Lieferumfang enhalten:

  • Zwei display beams
  • Ein Satz Display-Montageschienen
  • Hardware-Kit für die Display-Montage
  • Hardware zur Wandverankerung Dual-Display-Kit
  • Heckler AV wall
  • Safety pins


Maße Regular

  • Länge: 262,9 cm
  • Höhe: 11,4 cm
  • Tiefe: 3,7 cm
  • Gewicht: 14 kg


Maße XL

  • Länge: 344,2 cm
  • Höhe: 11,4 cm
  • Tiefe: 12,7 cm
  • Gewicht: 16,8 kg
H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit
H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit H803 H802 Heckler AV dual kit

Made for easy installs

So you want to conventionally mount two large displays to the wall in your meeting room? Cool. Just coordinate your favorite structural engineer, electrician, IT staff, facility manager, permitting specialist, contractor, drywaller, and painter. Or, simply click the Add-to-cart button on this page.

Heckler AV Wall with Dual Display Kit eliminates the need to strengthen walls and create new power and network outlets - and be safely installed by one person, in a few minutes.

Made to align

With the turn of two adjustment screws, you can bring two large displays into perfect alignment. With the time you’ll save by mounting your dual displays with Heckler AV Wall, you could take your kids to Disney World.

Cable routing made easy

Heckler AV Wall Structure’s legs enable you to quickly and tool-less-ly route your displays’ power cables to pre-existing, standard-height outlets. And route your HDMI cables to your components conveniently mounted within Video Meeting Kit.

Made to build confidence

We’ve constructed the beams of Dual Display Kit like a tank. Each beam is constructed of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel. Each beam is safely secured and cantilevered atop Heckler AV Wall Structure, capable of transferring more than 300 pounds of display weight to the floor. Additionally, each beam is anchored to the wall for good measure.

Made for safe display installations

Your displays install to Dual Display Kit reliably and safely at many different heights. Our heavy-duty display rails are ready for a wide range of display sizes. And our hook-engagement solution prevents unintentional display removal.

Made for all of your future configurations

With a Heckler AV Wall Structure installed in your meeting spaces, you have the flexibility to configure each space for video meetings and collaboration. The Heckler AV Wall product family includes an ever-growing assortment of accessories like Video Meeting Kit, Dual Display Kit, and Controller Mount, in a variety of colors.